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About Premier Avionics

About the Owner

Owner ImageThe owner, Brian Paugh, began his career in the industry in the early 90's. He enlisted in the Army in 1988 and served until 1992. He enlisted as a Private E-1, and left as an E4 (Specialist). Brian was a member of the Army Special Forces under the 1st Special Operations Command based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina for permanent duty. He served in the Gulf War and left the Army with an honorable discharge. His job position in the Army was a radio repairman and operator. He also was jump certified and made 37 jumps while in the Army.

Brian started work in the Aviation field in 1996 working for Fort Wayne Air Service. His duties varied from installation technician, bench skills, and aircraft documentation. In 1999, he became Avionics Manager for a shop in Elkhart, IN where he managed all aspects of the business. In 2000, Brian was given an opportunity to become an owner of Premier Aviation located in Elkhart, IN. The opportunity to open an Avionics shop in Fort Wayne, IN came to Brian in 2010. He worked with the FAA to start the company and officially was issued the Repair Station Certificate for Premier Avionics on October 28, 2010.

Premier Avionics has grown over the last few years to a five person shop. The company was founded with the principle that "Our customers should be treated like we would want to be treated."

We hope that you will consider Premier Avionics when in need of Avionics repairs, installation or service. You can view some of our customer testimonials if you would like to hear from another pilot.

You may also view many of our previous installations and see how our facility can assist you with your Avionics needs!