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Flight Display Systems FD102CV-LP-S 10.2" Widescreen Display

Flight Display Systems FD70CV-LP-S 10.2" Widescreen Display





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This 10.2” display is a mere .80 inches thick. The FD102CV-LP-S is the thinnest LCD display available for in-flight entertainment. The display is so thin it appears to be recessed into a wall when mounted on a cabin bulkhead.

This display can switch between three video input sources using an infrared remote or the control buttons on the bottom face of the unit. It is perfect for cabin video and graphical entertainment. The FD102CV-LP-S has features that allow installation in the smallest of mounting areas with the minimum of interface equipment.

The 10” Widescreen LCD utilizes a state of the art digital video decoding chipset for the analog video input. The three video sources in order of picture quality are VGA (computer graphics, like Moving Maps), and two (2x) Composite Video (DVD, Camera or VCR). Both NTSC and PAL formats are auto-detected.

The FD102CV-LP-S can also be connected to existing video switchers and can take a composite video input from a selector interface box. In this case, multiple input sources can be selected and displayed on the monitor.

  • No expensive switching required, three inputs included
  • VGA (RGB) inputs for the Flight Display Moving Map to provide superior computer generated graphics
  • 2 composite inputs for DVD, Glareshield camera, and more
  • Use the included IR remote to switch video source, adjust preferences, etc
  • Extremely wide viewing angle allows multiple passengers to watch the same monitor
  • Anti glare, scratch resistant Lexan enhances viewing experience andprotectsthe LCD
  • Crystal clear LCD with industry leading brightness

System Specifications

Dimensions 9.55” (W) x 7.30”(H) x .80”(D)
Weight 2 lbs, 7 oz
Power 28V@0.3A
PC Input SVGA (Analog RGB 15 pin D-sub)
Video Input 2 Composite Video
Screen Control On-Screen Display Menu
Remote Control IR, included
Video Type NTSC/PAL
Display Size 8.67”(W) x 5.12”(H)
Display Type 10.2” Widescreen TFTColor LCD
Screen Resolution 1024x600
Display Type 10.2” WidescreenTFTColor LCD
Brightness 300 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Materials Aluminum

An enlarged view of the FD102CV-LP-S 10.2" Monitor

Flight Display Systems FD201CV-LP-S 10.2" Display

Flight Display Systems discusses the FD102CV display.