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Flight Display Systems FD104CV 10.4" Widescreen Display

Flight Display Systems FD104CV 10.4" Widescreen Display





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The FD104CV is made of all metal components. The LCD is protected with a .060” Lexan lens. The purpose of this lens is to prevent scratching and reduce glare.

The 10.4” LCD utilizes a state of the art digital video decoding chipset for the analog video input. The three video sources in order of picture quality are VGA (Computer Video, such as a Moving Map), S-Video (High-quality DVD), and Composite Video (DVD, Camera, or VCR). Both NTSC and PAL formats are auto-detected.

The FD104CV can also be connected to existing video switchers and can take a composite video input from a selector interface box. In this case, multiple input sources can be selected and displayed on the monitor.

The FD104CV 10.4-inch LCD is the perfect display for bulkhead mounting where space is at a premium. It has a small mounting area with the minimum of interface equipment required.

  • Built for retrofit installation with a compact metal enclosure for increased flexibility
  • No expensive switching required, three inputs included
  • VGA for the Flight Display Moving Map and computer graphics
  • 1 composite/1 S-Video input for DVD, Glareshield camera, and more
  • Button controls on unit or use included IR remote to switch video source, adjust settings, etc.
  • Extremely wide viewing angle allows multiple passengers to watch the same monitor
  • Anti glare, scratch resistant Lexan enhances viewing experience andprotectsthe LCD
  • Crystal clear LCD with industry leading brightness

System Specifications

Dimensions 10.22”(W) x 8.23”(H) x 1.48”(D)
Weight 3 lbs 8 oz
Power 28V@1.0A
PC Input VGA (Analog RGB)
Video Input Composite Video, S-Video
Screen Control On-Screen Display Menu
Remote Control IR, included
Video Type NTSC/PAL
Display Size 8.24”(W) x 6.2”(H)
Display Type 10.2” Widescreen TFTColor LCD
Screen Resolution 1024x768 (1280x768 supported)
Display Type 10.4” TFT Color LCD
Brightness 700 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio 300:1
Materials Aluminum
DO-160 TESTED FAA/PMA approved

An enlarged view of the FD102CV-LP-S 10.2" Monitor

Flight Display Systems FD104CV 10.4" Display