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Flight Display Systems FD520 CV Ver HD Widescreen Display

Flight Display Systems FD220 CV Ver HD Widescreen Display


Part Number:
FD520CV Ver HD

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The FD520CV Ver HD utilizes a state of the art digital video decoding chipset for the analog video input. There are five video source inputs available. They are in order of picture quality: (2)HDMI (Hi-Def video, such as Blu-Ray DVD or Playstation 3), (1)VGA (computer graphics like Moving Maps), (1) S-Video and (1) Composite Video (DVD, camera or VCR). Both NTSC and PAL formats are auto-detected.

The FD520CV Ver HD can also be connected to existing video switchers and use only a composite video input from a selector interface box. In this case, the IR remote will only be used to set up the screen after installation. e.g. adjust brightness, contrast, etc.

The LCD is protected with a .125” Lexan lens. The purpose of this lens is to prevent scratching of the LCD and reduce glare. The FD520CV Ver HD is made of all metal components.

System Specifications

Monitor Overall Size 47.30”(W) x 28.88”(H) x 5.00”(D)
Weight 80 lbs
Power Consumption 115VAC@3Amps / 230VAC@1.5Amps
PC & Video Input VGA (high-Density DB-15 Connector)
Enclosure Materials Aluminum
Screen Resolution 1920x1080 WXGA
Brightness 700 cd/m²
Display Size 45.1”(W) x 25.3”(H)
Viewing Angle 178º on both axis

The FD520CV can bring your entertainment
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