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Flight Display Systems FD90AID-LG 5" Flip Up Display

Flight Display Systems FD90AID-LG 5" Flip Up Display


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This display provides an excellent opportunity to bring EVS video, satellite weather, or any other Composite source into the cockpit with a low-profile, stowable display.

The FD90AID-LG features a “face-out” display designed to mount on top of the glare shield, which the pilot would open 90° to be viewed.

The FD90AID-LG uses a torsion spring, which deploys the unit up from the stowed position. It also has an extended power button which enables the unit to automatically power off upon closing. (Note: The unit does not automatically power on, and should be on when closed in order to power off automatically.)

  • Can be used to display Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS), Satellite Weather, or a standard video camera. Unlike the standard Flipper,the LG version is contained in a single box for easy installation
  • Designed to mount on top of the glareshield and flips up 90 degrees for viewing. The Flipper-LG is automatically powered off when stowed
  • The black LCD provides pilots with the ability to dim the backlighting at night without losing picture quality and saving the pilot’s night vision
  • Pilots can easily change the backlighting intensity by pushing the dim/bright buttons on the face of the display
  • Composite input (additional inputs available, contact Flight Display Systems for additional information)

System Specifications

Dimensions (Display Enclosure) 6.1”(W) x .70”(H) x 10.00”(D)
Dimensions Deployed 6.1”(W) x 4.82”(H) x 10.00”(D)
Weight (Display) 2.4 lbs
Materials Aluminum
Viewing Angles 180° on both axis
DO-160 TESTED FAA/PMA Approved

The FD90AID-LG provides a small display option.

Flight Display Systems FD90AID-LG 5" Flip Up Display

Flight Display Systems discusses the FD90AID-LG.