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Flight Display Systems FD90AID-SMT 5" Slide Mount Flipper

FD90AID-SMT 5" Slide Mount Flipper


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The FD90AID-SMT provides an excellent opportunity to bring EVS video, satellite weather, or any other VGA/Composite source into the cockpit with a low-profile, stowing display.

The FD90AID-SMT features a slide mount display, in which the pilot would deploy the display open 90° to be viewed. The unit can be mounted on top of, or inside the glare shield.

The Detached Electronics Box ("DEB") allows the 1.1” thick LCD to be mounted anywhere in the cockpit. The DEB contains essential graphics circuitry critical to the operation of the FD90AID-SMT. The cabling between the DEB and the LCD contains two break-plugs, and should not be cut or extended. There is no degradation of image quality or input sources in this configuration.

The FD90AID-SMT uses a concealed push-to-close latch. Pressing the top of the LCD will release the latch and allow the LCD to slide out & tilt upward for viewing. To stow, the LCD is slid in until the latch catches. The unit will power on when deployed and off when closed. Note: In order for this “auto-on” feature to function properly, the power button must physically remain in the “on” position.

The slide mount is a variant of the Flight Display popular Flipper. Perfect for installation on top of a glareshield

  • This monitor is completely enclosed in a box. It deploys toward the user and then is rotated up 90 degrees for viewing
  • When not in use, the Flipper slides into its case where approximately 1 inch is visible. In this stowed position, power is automatically disconnected from the display
  • Power supply and video input located in the Detached Electronics Box (DEB) positioned 9 feet from the Flipper (up to 15 foot cable available)
  • Displays 2 composite video and 1 VGA input

System Specifications

Dimensions (Display) 6.7”(W) x 1.07”(H) x 7.00”(D)
Dimensions (DEB) 5.7”(W) x 1.14”(H) x 5.05”(D)
Weight (Display) 3.10 lbs
Weight (DEB) 1.1 lb
Weight (DEBCable) .65 lb
Materials Aluminum
Viewing Angles 180° on both axis
DO-160 TESTED FAA/PMA Approved

The FD90AID-SMT provides a small display option.

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