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Flight Display Systems FD90AID 5" Flipper Cockpit LCD Display

Flight Display Systems FD90AID 5" Flipper Cockpit LCD Display


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The FD90AID provides an excellent opportunity to bring EVS video, satellite weather, or any other VGA/Composite source into the cockpit with a low-profile, stowing display.

The FD90AID features a “face-out” display, which the pilot would open 90° to be viewed. The FD90AID is available in top or bottom mount configurations. The units are also available in gray or black.

The Detached Electronics Box ("DEB") allows the half-inch thick LCD to be mounted anywhere in the cockpit. The DEB contains essential graphics circuitry critical to the operation of the FD90AID. The cabling between the DEB and the LCD contains two break- plugs, and should not be cut or extended. There is no degradation of image quality or input sources in this configuration.

The FD90AID uses a torsion spring, which deploys the unit up from the mounting plate when opened. It also has an extended power button which enables the unit to automatically turn off upon closing. (Note: The unit does not automatically power on, and should be on when closed in order to turn off automatically.)

  • Convenient stowable monitor displays EVS on the LCD that will enhance the safety of your operation
  • No requirement to cut new panel space for the installation or upgrade to an expensive MFD or FMS
  • Folds up to a horizontal stowed position when not in use. It uses just over 1/2 inch of visible panel space
  • One button selects video source - EVS, Weather, or Camera. The video intensity backlighting can be adjusted by the BRT/DIM buttons located on the side of the display
  • Power supply and video input located in the Detached Electronics Box (DEB),which can be positioned up to 9 feet from the Flipper (up to 15 foot cable available)
  • Displays 2 composite video and 1 VGA input
  • Both units are available in top or bottom mount configurations to mount above or underneath the glare
    shield and 90 degrees or 270 degrees of rotation from the stowed position. The units are available in gray or black

System Specifications

Power 12 - 28V@.5Amps-.3Amps
PC Input Analog RGB
Video Input 2 Composite Video
Video Type VGA, NTSC/PAL
Dimensions (Display) 6.1”(W) x .66”(H) x .4.75”(D)
Dimensions (DEB) 5.7”(W) x 1.14”(H) x 5.05”(D)
Weight (Display) FD90AID- 1.22 lb
Weight (DEB-SM) 1.1 lb
Weight (DEB Cable) .65 lb
Materials Aluminum
Viewing Angles 180° on both axis
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Resolution 640 x 480
Supported Resolution 1280 x 1024
Brightness 600 cd/m2
Display Type 5.0487”TFT color LCD

The FD90AID provides a small display option.

Flight Display Systems FD90AID 5" Flipper Cockpit LCD Display

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