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Flight Display Systems FDSDIVCS-4-10 Crosspoint Switch

Flight Display Systems FDSDIVCS-12-16 Crosspoint Switch





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The FDSDIVCS-4-10 is a 4-input, 10-output HD-SDI video crosspoint switch. This hardware device simplifies video wiring by using 75 ohm coax to transmit HD video to onboard displays. Non-blocking switching permits a connection of any HD input to any HD output. Switching is controlled through CAN buss, RS485 bus, or momentary ground switch.

The FDSDIVCS-4-10 can be interfaced to the following Flight Display Systems components:

  • All models of HD-SDI Monitors
  • Composite to HD-SDI Converters
  • VGA to HD-SDI Converters
  • HDMI to HD-SDI Converters
  • HD-SDI Cameras

System Specifications

Power 28V DC @ 1.0A steady state: 800mA
Control CAN, RS485, Push Button Momentary Ground
Inputs (4) HD-SDI
Outputs (10) HD-SDI
Weight TBD (approx. 2 lbs 2 oz)
Dimensions 4.78”(W) x 2.31”(H) x 5.82”(D)
Operating Temp - 20° to 60° C

An enlarged view of the Crosspoint Switch

Flight Display Systems FDSDIVCS-4-10 Crosspoint Switch