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Flight Display Systems FDSPLT-BNC Converter

Flight Display Systems FDSPLT-BNC Converter





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The FDSPLT-BNC accepts a single SDI or HD-SDI video signal and splits the signal to provide two SDI or HD-SDI outputs. This provides the ability to bring a single SDI video input from a moving map computer with an HD-SDI output or camera and display the image on two separate displays. It also provides the ability to split a single HD-SDI camera input to a display and High-Deļ¬nition digital video recorder.

The FDSPLT-BNC is a passive splitter and does not require power.

System Specifications

Power Passive (Non-Powered)
Video Inputs SDI, HD-SDI
Video Output SDI, HD-SDI
Weight 1 lb
Operating Temp - 20° to 60° C
DO-160 Testing In Progress